Programa 370: 08-05-2023 – Entrevista a SONS OF STEEL

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SNAKECHARMER: “Sounds like a plan”

DANGER DANGER: “Bang bang”

FAIR WARNING: “Long gone”

AVALANCH: “Horizonte eterno”

GIANT REV: “We’re all one”

SONS OF STEEL: “So dark”

Entrevista a SONS OF STEEL

SONS OF STEEL: “The last notch”

BLACK & DAMNED: “Rise to rise”

CICLÓN: “Una vez más”

DEAF RAT: “Say you love me”

ON THE LOOSE: “Hearth of dead ashes”

FIREWIND: “Destiny is calling”

SINERGIA: “Salto de fe”

DYSPLÄCER : “Black widow”

FEAROUT: “Hey stringer, where’s Wallace”

REDEMPTION : “I am the storm”

AMARO: “Adiós”