Programa 240: 07-10-2019

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SLADE: “Slam the hammer down”

BON JOVI: “You give love a bad name”

CREAM: “White room”

MR. BIG: “Mean to me”

MISANTHROPY: “Shooting before you ask”

DORO: “Kiss me like a cobra”

BLACK SEAL: “Black seal”


STEAVY METAL: “The Heavy Metal Unicorn”

INFAMY: “Hellfire”

BLACKJACK: “Going to Madrid”

INKORDIA: “Mentiras y promesas”

STAYS IN VEGAS: “Lower I go”

DOOMSDAY OUTLAW: “Over and over”

CHICANOS: “Remedy”

CHINO: “Gatos”

TREAT: “Always have, always will”

JERKSTORE: “Dirty game”

DGM: “Reason”

ARIEL’S ATTIC: “Against my will”

CELESTIA: “La tregua”

WET: “Heart is on the line”