Programa 43: 24-03-2014

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UFO: “Doctor doctor”

PANZER: “Toca madera”

ROBIN BECK: “The very first time”

BUD TRIBE: “Camelot”

SAMMY HAGAR: “Bad on Fords and Chevrolets”

KHY: “Revolucion”

TONY SOLO: “Las fases de la luna”

NAZARETH: “This flight tonight”

SANDALINAS: “Living on the edge”

TALESIEN: “Samarcanda”

SHOOTER JENNINGS: “Gone to Carolina”

38 SPECIAL: “Twentieth Century Fox”

LYNYRD SKYNYRD: “Sweet home Alabama”

ESTURION: “Chicas de mala fe”

ANTHRAX: “Friggin in the riggin”

TABÚ: “Quien”

THAYKHAY: “Universo virtual incongruente”

KIMBALL JAMISON: “Can’t wait for love”

MIGUEL OÑATE: “Mientras”

STEVE PERRY: “Oh Sherrie”

SARATOGA: “Si amaneciera”