Programa 380: 17-07-2023

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RAINTIMES: “Forever gone”

PANZER: “Víboras”

MOTORHEAD: “Rosalie”

RHAPSODY OF FIRE: “Kreel’s magic staff”

SOUTHERN FORCE: “Freedom slave”

SPIRITS OF FIRE: “A second chance”

ZEVO: “Déjalo”

DARKFLOW: “The masochist”

SUNBEAM OVERDRIVE: “Out of Plato’s cave”


ELLE TEA: “Fate is at my side”

KIRAZ: “Huracán (activa la bomba)”

NOBAK: “Bipolar”

DEGREED: “Are you ready”

GIRISH & THE CHRONICLES: “Hail to the heroes”

AVELINA DE MORAY: “Like a drug”

HELL IN THE CLUB: “Kamikaze”

LAST BREED: “Whiskey train”

CHIP Z’NUFF: “Welcome to the party”

FIND ME: “Far from over”

FM: “Waiting on love”

MECCA: “Without you”

IVY GOLD: “Broken silence”

STEELHEART: “With love we live again”