Programa 379: 10-07-2023

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BARÓN ROJO: “Concierto para ellos”

ESTURIÓN: “Chicas de mala fe”

BLACK SABBATH: “The mob rules”

THE FERRYMEN: “One more river to cross”

STRAY GODS: “Out of nowhere”

THE SPECTRE BENEATH: “Forsaken… we all fall”

ASHES REIGN: “Paint it thrash”

AURYAH: “Looking for salvation”

WTM: “Sorry”

SATRA: “Traveller”

NASSON: “Not today”

KANDIA : “The flood”

MOLLY KARLOFF: “You don’t know my name”

MANIC SINNERS: “Drifters union”


ALLEYCATZ: “She’s a vixen”

LALU: “Paint the sky”

KRAEMER: “All the way”

LANA LANE: “Remember me”

CITY OF LIGHTS: “Heart’s on fire”

PABLO PEREA: “Qué sabes tú”

SOLEIL MOON: “Before the rainbow”