Programa 366: 11-04-2023

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CIRCUS OF ROCK: “The beat”

ÁNGELES DEL INFIERNO: “Con las botas puestas”

QUIREBOYS: “Sex party”

HAUNTED GODS: “Threshold”

BLOODBOUND: “The raven’s cry”

WINTERSTORM: “To the end of all known”


PURVEYOR OF CHAOS: “Purveyor of chaos”

PRESA: “El afortunado”

STRYFE: “Velvet revolution”

LANKESTER MERRIN: “We ride the storm”

BLACKSTAR HALO: “Wolf the mender”

VIOLET SIN: “The night is dark (and full of memories)”

MARTIRIA: “Burn, baby burn”

PRESSURE POINTS: “The night inside”

LAMORI: “Dark Messiah”

PR3: “Aradia”

CUARENTENA: “En un 124”

NIGHT RANGER: “Breakout”

WAYWARD SONS: “Bloody typical”

WORLDWIDE PANIC: “Everybody wants to rule the World”

ELVIE SHANE: “Sympathy for the Devil”

CODY PEREZ: “Live again”

VIOLET BLEND: “My head is broken”