Programa 341: 03-10-2022

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BRITNY FOX: “Girls school”

SAXON: “Wheels of steel”

SACRILEGE: “The court of the insane”

SYNTHETIC: “Be quick or be dead”

TYRANT: “Pray for the night”

STORMBORN: “Fear of a monster”

ORDEN OGAN: “Absolution for our final days”

VICTORIA K.: “Persephone”

DESTRAL: “Fembres pecadrius”

FACTOR 8: “Shot in the dark”

SUNSTORM: “Afterlife”


SDM: “Vover a empezar”

RAT BOOGIE: “Bad gravity”

LUNARCODE: “Cuttin’ the cord”

ARMAGELION: “Welcome to the show”

TOMORROW’S FATE: “Son come home”

SERPENTS IN PARADISE: “Where’s the Rock n Roll gone”

DEF LEPPARD: “Take what you want”

HARLAN CAGE: “Blow wind blow”

101 SOUTH: “What’s your game”

KING SAPO: “Realidad”

JOHN MILES: “Now that the magic has gone”