Programa 35: 27-01-2014 – Entrevista a JAVIER MIRA

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TESLA: “Cumin’ atcha live”

GAMMA RAY: “Heaven can wait”

VUCAQUE: “Some loving”

HUMBLE PIE: “I don’t need no doctor”

TIME SYMMETRY: “Glazed labyrinth”

JAVIER MIRA: “It’s only love”

Entrevista JAVIER MIRA

JAVIER MIRA: “Still got this thing for you”

JAVIER MIRA: “Ain’t talkin’ about love”

JAVIER MIRA: “Anytime anywhere”

MAMA’S BOYS: “Needle in the groove”

BLACK STAR RIDERS: “Kingdom of the lost”

SUNSTORM: “Emotional fire”