Programa 12: 16-04-2013

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BLACK SABBATH: “Black Sabbath”

ANTHRAX: “Antisocial”

S-CORE: “A better half of us”

A PERFECT DAY: “Waiting on the edge”

EXTREMODURO: “So payaso”

GILLAN: “Born to kill”

WEEPING SILENCE: “ Mire of pity”

UFO: “Fight night”

THE INDUCTIONS: “Hi Fi Councils”

THE CULT: “Fire woman”

KAYSER SOZÉ: “Phenomena”

MOLLY HATCHET: “The journey”

MARS: “Nations on fire”

JEFF HEALEY: “Shapes of things”


WINGER: “Deal with the Devil”

LANCELOT: “Solo tu solo yo”

GREAT WHITE: “I don’t mind”

EMI GAGO & CANDY: “Si me echas de mi casa”