Programa 361: 06-03-2023 – Entrevista a PADRE CUERVO

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CLIF MAGNESS: “Aint no way”

SKID ROW: “Youth gone wild”

TODD LA TORRE: “Dogmata”

ODINFIST: “Metalmancer”

STORMBREAKER: “Stormbreaker”

DREAMYTH: “Aletheia”

MX THE AMERICAN: “Cut the lights out”

PADRE CUERVO: “El ídolo”

Entrevista a PADRE CUERVO

PADRE CUERVO: “The cookbook for the destruction”

DESPITE THE REVERENCE: “Primate centurion”

DUDES: “241”

KIN WAGON: “Return to zero”

THE DEAD DAISIES: “Holy ground (shake the memory)”

ABANDON ALL: “Forever yours”

AVERLANCHE: “Little lotus”

REVOLUTION SAINTS: “Eyes of a child”