Programa 216: 18-02-2019 – Entrevista a ARMANDO ROCK

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UFO: “Doctor, doctor”

BLACK SABBATH: “The mob rules”

WHITESNAKE: “Shut up & kiss me”

RED DAWN: “Flyin’ high”

AIRLESS: “We were born for this”

ARMANDO ROCK: “Rompiendo”

Entrevista a ARMANDO ROCK

ARMANDO ROCK: “Una de Zeppelin”

SHOWBIZ: “Keep on singing that song”

NIGHT RANGER: “The secret of my success”

FAIR WARNING: “Out on the run”

THE BLACK MARBLES: “Best believe it”


CONDUCTO COLOQUIO: “(En) Lo más bello”

TOMMY HEART: “Build your life on me”