Programa 196: 10-09-2018

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QUIET RIOT: “Cum on feel the noize”

RIVER CROW: “Try if you can”

SAXON: “The secret of flight”

ESPIONAGE: “Nightmare approaches”

NIGHT DEMON: “Evil like a knife”

GRIM COMET: “Echoes”

GWYDION: “Oh Land of ours, Al Andaluz”

BEGGARS: “Book of days”

TRAITORS GATE: “Retribution”

EXLIBRIS: “Incarnate”

INNER AXIS: “Rain or shine”

SWEET & LYNCH: “Heart of fire”


RAINTIMES: “Don’t ever give up”

DELTA DEEP: “Bang the lid”

BALA PERDIDA: “Todo por vivir”

MAD MAX: “Beat of the heart”

PROUD OUTSIDERS: “Glow & fire”

SILENCIADOS: “Amores perros”

LA IRA: “Diablos y angelitos”

BIG CITY: “From this day”

STEVE PERRY: “What was”