Programa 352: 19-12-2022

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TWISTED SISTER: “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”

LYNYRD SKYNYRD: “Run run Rudolph”

EDGE OF DESTINY: “All I want for Christmas”

HIGHLORD: “Eyes open wide”

THUNDERSTICK: “Go sleep with the enemy (I dare ya)”

GRIM JUSTICE: “Curse of the Moon”

CELTIC LEGACY: “Long ride home”

ELECTRON: “Wake up!”

GRIMSKULL: “Awake asleep”

RISINGFALL: “English motor biker”

ABSOLON: “Forever one”

THE WRING: “Stiletto”

RED CAIN: “Fisher King”

THE THIRD GRADE: “A dream inside a dream”

L.A. GUNS: “I wanna be your man (fade out for Europe)”

KINGS OF CHAOS: “Judgement Day”

KEN VALDEZ: “Devil man”

KILMORE: “Tempest”

MADCO: “¡¡¡Dinero!!!”

BENITO KAMELAS: “Resiliencia”

NEPTUNE: “Hard to be right”

THE SUNRISE: “Take time / Waste time”

RAZA: “Turrón de Marruecos”