Programa 326: 28-03-2022 – Entrevista a HORA LÍMITE

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STATUS QUO: “Whatever you want”

MAMA’S BOYS: “Crazy Daisy’s house of dream”

FOO FIGHTERS: “The pretender”

DEEP PURPLE: “Oh well”

SWEET CRYSTAL: “Let the day begin”

HELLZ ABYSS: “Trouble”

RIOT AFTER MIDNIGHT: “Yours all night”


EARTH TO ASHES: “All I know”

THE RECONCILED: “Skin & bones”

STEEGMOORD: “A fine day to exit”

HORA LÍMITE: “Reina de la noche”

Entrevista a HORA LÍMITE

HORA LÍMITE: “Dos y dos tercios”

LOST LEGACY: “In the name of freedom”

AZRAEL: “Ni un paso atras”

GOTTHARD: “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”