Programa 321: 21-02-2022

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BACKSTREET GIRLS: “What do you know”

Y & T: “Summertime girls”

LOS SUAVES: “Palabras para Julia”

JOLLY JOKER: “Blood velvet”

BLACKLIST UNION: “Alive’ n ‘ well smack in the middle of Hell”

SANDNESS: “High tide”

CÖNTRABAND: “Bienvenido al mundo de los sueños”

MASTER DY: “You are not alone”

DYING LIGHT : “The cycle”

ÁNIMA BARROCA: “El libro cerrado”

KINGCROWN: “Wake up call”

STEEGMORD: “Crucified demons”

SOLAR FLARE: “Born to burn”

PROJECT RESURRECT: “Dead mountain”

PERCEIVED: “Living Hell”

RUBÉN PICAZO: “Capítulo 4: Volverte a encontrar”

DAY OF DEPARTURE: “…And we prepare for our end”

FIRPO CHOMPEAVY: “I don’t eat soaring disks”

KING OF OTHER WINGS: “Phoenix Rising”

THE MOOH: “The way of the fist”

HOK-KEY: “Alma mater”

LOST REFLECTION: “It’s my life”