Programa 302: 20-09-2021 – Entrevista a LETHARGUS

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ICED EARTH: “Angels holocaust”

MANOWAR: “Fighting the World”

LETHARGUS: “Mal de mil años”

Entrevista a LETHARGUS

LETHARGUS: “Destino cruel”

IRON MAIDEN: “The writing on the wall”

THE DARK ELEMENT: “Not your monster”

KINGS WINTER: “The next in line”

SMACKBOUND: “Drive it like you stole it”

THE 59 SOUND: “Miles away”

SLIPKNOT: “Duality”

ZZ TOP: “Chartreuse”

EMBERS OF PRIDE: “Never ending hole”

ROLLING STONES: “Dead flowers”

IRON BUTTERFLY: “In a gadda da vida”

KANSAS: “Dust in the wind”