Programa 298: 21-06-2021

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SÔBER: “La prisión del placer”

EAGLES: “Life in the fast lane”

JOHNNY B. NASTY: “Que hago yo aqui”

ZENOBIA: “No me dejes caer”

OZORA: “Vista mare”

KING COMPANY: “Trapped in heart”

SIGNAL: “Arms of a stranger”

STARSHIP: “We built this city”

VEGA: “Ignite”


SANTA: “Héroe de papel”

THY ROW: “Road goes on”

REBEL: “The wild hunt”

REFUGE: “From the ashes”

OSYRON: “Viper Queen”

PENTRAL: “The shell I’m living in”

TERRICULUM AVIUM: “Move off the groove”

VANISH: “We become what we are”

ARS NOVA XIV: “Mi red”

ENVANO: “Punto y aparte”

TOBY HITCHCOCK: “Show me how to live”