Programa 274: 16-11-2020

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THUNDER: “On the radio”

AC/DC: “Let there be Rock”

URIAH HEEP: “Easy livin’”

THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP: “Gimme some lovin’”

GAME: “Walking on the edge”

SAEDÍN: “Entre ríos”

ALYANZA: “Star of Heaven”

APOTROPAICO: “Party of Death”

CHARCOALCITY: “Mechanical spine”

RIVER CROW: “The rider”

ARIDAY: “Cuernos al viento”

4 BAJO ZERO: “Dame la respuesta”

JUDAS PRIEST: “Firepower”

MARCHING OUT: “The cross”

ULTIMATIUM: “The seer”

METROPOLIS VI: “Junto a ti”

PINA: “Dame color”

MAGRET DE PACO: “Muérdeme”

RICK SPRINGFIELD: “The Devil that you know”

DELTA DEEP: “Burnt sally / Rock me baby”

PR3SAGIO: “Tiempo”

GOTTHARD: “One life, one soul”