Programa 269: 14-09-2020

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DIO: “Killing the dragon”

KINGDOM COME: “Do you like it”

BAJOPRESIÓN: “Límites del miedo”

STRYPER: “Do unto others”

CRAZY LIXX: “Break out”

PINBALL WIZARD: “We will burn”

ACE FREHLEY: “Space truckin’”

STEVE VAI: “Natural Born Boy”

CHASING ELLIOT: “Don’t tread on me”

WAIL: “Endless repetition”

SHOTGUN RODEO: “The Devil on your shoulder”

BLACK FATE: “Savior machine”

ADAMANTIS: “Oracles prophecy”

ANTHEA: “Moirai”

ABSTRACT SYMPHONY: “The hidden empire”

VERITAS: “Love and burn”

DEAD HARRISON: “The struggle”

A PERFECT DAY: “Give it away”

ALASE: “Jäljet”

MEMOIRA: “Shooting star”

PINK FLOYD: “Comfortably numb”