Programa 252: 20-01-2020

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STEPHEN PEARCY: “U only live twice”

GAMMA RAY: “Heaven can wait”

IRON MAIDEN: “Blood brothers”

FUKUSHIMA: “Playing to kill”

ZEIT: “Golden chains”

GAME ZERO: “We are right”

SLOWBURN: “Clever than you”

EON: “Soma”

GUADAÑA: “Karma”

SKID ROW: “Delivering the Gods”

REVOLTONS: “Danger silence control”

MEGARA: “Almas”

BADD KHARMA: “Never surrender”

RADATION ROMEOS: “Ocean drive”

CÓDIZE: “Insurrección”

LA CIFRA NEGRA: “Que quieres ser”

STEELHEART: “She’s gone”

KRYPTONITE: “Fallen angels”

RIVERDOGS: “The heart is a mindless bird”

PUNTO DE MIRA: “Simetria”