Programa 247: 25-11-2019 – Especial AOR

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TOTO: “Child’s anthem”

BOZ SCAGGS: “Lowdown”

PLAYER: “Love in the danger zone”

AMBROSIA: “Life beyond L.A”

PAGES: “I do believe in you”

PABLO CRUISE: “I want you tonight”

ROBERT FLEISCHMAN: “Ace in the hole”

DAKOTA: “If it takes all night”

THE BABYS: “Turn and walk away”

FANDANGO: “Blame it on the night”

AIRPLAY: “Cryin’ all night”

TOUCH: “When the spirit moves you”

BILL CHAMPLIN: “Tonight tonight”

KEANE: “Tryin´ to kill a saturday night”

MAXUS: “Where were you”

RICK SPRINFIELD: “I get excited”


SPYS: “Danger”

KENNY LOGGINS: “Don’t fight it”

DAVID ROBERTS: “Never gonna let you go”

JOSEPH WILLIAMS: “What is she hiding”

LE ROUX: “Lifeline”

DENNIS DEYOUNG: “Desert moon”

ORION THE HUNTER: “So you ran”

FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTS: “You don’t want me (like I want you)”

BSO FOOTLOOSE: “Almost paradise”