Programa 245: 11-11-2019

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NELSON: “Hello everybody”

AC/DC: “Problem child”

ANYA: “El baile del diablo”

ATLAS: “Adicto a la carretera”

MOLLY HATCHET: “Flirtin’ with disaster”

LOVE AND WAR: “We all fall down”

JORN: “Don`t stop believing”

STEPHEN PEARCY: “One in a million”

TEN: “Shield wall”

ECLIPSE: “The storm”

MIND’S EYE: “Equally immortal”

KNIGHTMARE: “Heart of stone”

RUNNING WILD: “Crossing the blades”

MYSTIC PROPHECY: “Metal division”

ROJO FUEGO: “Melodias de amor”

WAR DOGS: “The shark”

STREET LETHAL: “Welcome to the row”

CIRCUS: “Claudia”

BLEEM: “My alien”

TETO: “La cuarta pared”

STEELHEART: “Lips of rain”