Programa 239: 30-09-2019

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REO SPEEDWAGON: “Don’t let him go”

THE WHO: “My generation”

MEDINA AZAHARA: “Paseando por la Mezquita”

COZ: “África”

S.E.X.: “Fat love”

IMPELLITERI: “Phantom of the opera”

PRIMAL FEAR: “The ritual”

ARTUR CABANAS: “Shuffle No.3”

TURBOKILL: “Vice World”

KING CROWN: “The human tide”

DRAGONFLY: “El guardian del tiempo”

GRIM COMET: “Dig up her bones”

ERASO!: “Algoritmo bat”

SIN MG: “Light”

SNAKES IN PARADISE: “Wings of steel”

TWO OF A KIND: “Rock your world”

UNLIVING SIN: “The glory of death”

SEVENTH WONDER: “Against the grain”

SILENT CALL: “Imprisoned in flesh”


VIKRAM: “The burden”

VAN ALEN: “Silent strings”

FM: “Love is the law”