Programa 231: 10-06-2019

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SAXON: “Heavy Metal Thunder”

ÁNGELES DEL INFIERNO: “Con las botas puestas”

ANGRA: “Carry on”

DESTINIA: “Metal souls”

ARDI BELTZA: “Princesa”

CRAZY LIXX: “Hell or high water”

ANKOR: “The monster I am”


VOODOO HILL: “Eldorado”

NORDIC UNION: “The War has begun”

HOUSE OF LORDS: “Die to tell”

DRIVE, SHE SAID: “In R blood”

TREAT: “Nonstop madness”

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET: “Echoes of the aftermath”

VANDEN PLAS: “Stone roses edge”

ROYAL HUNT: “It’s over”

TOTO: “Don’t chain my heart”

HAREM SCAREM: “Distant memory”

RUSH: “Not fade away”

MANIATICA: “Elecciones rosa”

THE DARK ELEMENT: “Heaven of your heart”