Programa 229: 27-05-2019 – Entrevista a OUTREACH

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MONSTER MAGNET: “Slut machine”

GUNS N’ROSES: “Double talkin’ jive”

VALKYRIA: “Selenelion”

OUTREACH: “Insane mind”

Entrevista a OUTREACH

OUTREACH: “Delusion”

CICONIA: “Katabatic”

SINAIA: “Solo humanos”

MOTHERCROW: “Revolution”

SALVAJE ANCESTRAL: “Por mil motivos”

FIVE STAR CROOKS: “She’ so hollow”

CLIF MAGNESS: “Aint no way”

TNT: “Can’t breathe anymore”

THE OUTLAWS: “Hurry sundown”

JIMMY PAGE & THE BLACK CROWES: “In my time of dying”

PRETTY MAIDS: “Last beauty on Earth”

BIGFOOT: “Forever alone”