Programa 199: 01-10-2018

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JIMI JAMISON: “Everybody’s got a broken heart”

POISON: “Fallen angel”

PANZER: “Perro viejo”

EUROPE: “Devil sings the blues”

LOVE AND WAR: “Edge of the World”

THE UNITY: “No hero”

SOUND STORM: “To the stars”

ENEMY INSIDE: “Falling away”

HAMADRÍA: “A la sombra de mi alma”

OWL COMPANY: “Shattered dreams”

GREEN NOMAD: “Chest of chaos”

OUTLOUD: “Virtual heroes”

UNRULY CHILD: “Rock me down nasty”

STEPARIUZ: “Tiempo es..!”

BLACK PAISLEY: “I want your soul”

DUKES OF THE ORIENT: “Brother in arms”

AMBITION: “Burning love”

THE ALIVE: “This is Rock and Roll”

SUPERSUCKERS: “Breakin’ my balls”

CON X THE BANJO: “Estamos vivos”

SUPERTRAMP: “Don’t leave me now”