Programa 176: 22-01-2018 – Entrevista a ARGOS

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CRAZY LIXX : “Wild child”

BARÓN ROJO: “Tierra de vándalos”

JUDAS PRIEST: “Living after midnight”

MARC GALINDO: “Pura vibración”

ARGOS: “No volverás”

Entrevista a ARGOS

ARGOS: “Mi mundo”

BUCK TOW TRUCK: “Battle cry”

THE TREATMENT: “Tell us the truth”

THE FERRYMEN: “Cry wolf”

LORDS OF BLACK: “New World’s comin’”

VANDEN PLAS: “Holes in the sky”

VOODOO HILL: “Underneath and down below”

EROTIC PSYCHO: “The only way is down”

THE RAZ: “No one to blame”

TONY MACALPINE: “Wheel of fortune”

SANDALINAS: “If it wasnt for you”

DRIVE, SHE SAID: “All I wanna do”