Programa 161: 04-09-2017

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EXTREME: “Decadence dance”

THE DARKNESS: “I believe in a thing called love”

ZINKIN’ PRIM: “Recuérdame”

TAKUN: “Buscándote”

THUNDER: “Rip it up”

ASFALTO: “Más que una intención”

DORO: “Burn it up”

SANTA: “Reencarnación”


SCR: “Sota”

ARIA INFERNO: “Funeral for the swan”

TUBEFREEKS: “Wicked sky”

SECOND SILENCE: “Fuerza y honor”

LEIDER: “We are masters”

WARG: “I am death”

REX BROWN: “Train song”

BLOODY TIMES: “Introduction to war”

COLLATERAL X: “Lost exile”

WICKED INC: “Time to go”

GLENN HUGHES: “I don’t want to live that way again”