Programa 159: 03-07-2017 – Entrevista a NEVEREND

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EVANESCENCE: “Bring me to life”

PANZER: “Dios del Rock”

WILD FREEDOM: “Judgement day”

NEVEREND: “Silent”

Entrevista a NEVEREND

NEVEREND: “Sickness”

NEVEREND: “Apocalypse”

JACK RUSSELL’S GREAT WHITE: “Sign of the times”

HENRY METAL: “You ain’t seen nothing yet”

SCARS OF GRACE: “Master plan”

ALESTORM: “No grave but the sea”

SLANDERUS: “My cadence”

DAWN OF MORGANA: “Revelations”

MOON CRESTA: “Poisoned whisper blues”

NOVA ORBIS: “Endless night”

SUN Q: “Petals and thorns”

SCREAMS ON SUNDAY: “No room to escape”

FM: “Incredible”